Heavy Construction Equipment Import & Export

       Welcome to GT Trading  Maskiner AB 


We are pleased to introduce the existents of G T Trading Entreprenad Maskiner AB,

having its office located in Stockholm (Sweden). The primary objective of GT Trading AB

is to create more business opportunities between internationals countries and the Industrialized

Nations in heavy equipment for the building-and constructing industry and to strengthen relations 

of Individuals,Companies, and Corporations in the rest of the world.


As you know, in the present day of life, the Local Market and the International Market require

Professional Expertise in Business Promotion. GT-Trading AB is concentrated in this field and

our specialized services are devoted to the international commercial markets and are constructed

and well suited according to the regional policies.


We have just moved in to a new build workshop and offices at 1100 square meters and our yard

is 9000 square meters.

We are also the exclusive dealer fore Faresin telehandler, width reach from 6 meters to 17 meters.

Therefore, and finally from the above mechanism and structure of our activities, it is with
to announce that our doors are open to fulfill all your Trade requirements
at present and in the future.


In case you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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